Support us on Patreon! Watch the Admiral Yi series! Subscribe for new episodes every Saturday! Follow us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter! Follow us on Twitch! http://bit.y/ECTwitch ____________ Admiral Yi Sun-sin of Korea began his legendary career with a series of disasters. Fate (and corrupt officials) conspired against him to have him repeatedly knocked down from the success he had earned, often because his insistence on strict military codes and refusal to ignore corruption made enemies of his fellow officers. Even when his superior had him tortured and blamed after a loss to the Jurchen raiders from the north, Yi perservered. Stripped of his rank and now reduced to a common enlisted man, Yi nevertheless served Korea with distinction. Meanwhile his childhood friend, Ryu Seong-ryong, had risen to become the prime minister of Korea. Ryu recognized the threat of war from Japan looming on the horizon, so when Yi asked to retire in 1588, Ryu convinced him to stay. ____________ Get the intro music here! *Music by Demetori: Get the outro music here! *Music by Sean and Dean Kiner: __________ Extra History - Warring States Japan: Sengoku Jidai The Battle of Okehazama: Extra Credits - How Does Frame Rate Affect Gameplay? Frame Rate:

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