AYO LADIES AND GENTLEMAN ! He're the Compilation of Jendeukie , Jichu , Rose pasta and Lisa Dissing - Teasing - Ignoring - Cringing - blackpink being savage to each other lol. I really wanted to make this one for so long :) enjoy ! btw do you guys like my new intro let me know down in the comments :) ^^. BLINKS PLEASE WATCH THIS SORT OF BLACKPINKEU CRACK ! follow me on : TWITTER - INSTAGRAM - @ishideukie_kpop don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!!! WATCH IN 720p HD !!!!!! DO NOT REUPLOAD, CUT MY WATERMARK, OR REUSE ANY OF MY EDITING! PLEASE TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION THE EFFORT I PUT TO EDIT THE VIDEO BECAUSE IT'S A LONG PROCESS AND DOESN'T ONLY TAKE ME TO CUT SCENES AND RANDOMLY PUT THEM TOGETHER! I do not own the clips Jennie crying running man jennie savage moments jennie being mean to lisa blackpink forever young blackpink du duu du jisoo being savage lisa evil maknae moments rose being ignored blink chant jisoo savage moments park chaeyoung jennie fancam lisa meme lisa being ignored lisa dissing her unnies dalgom

Blackpink Being Savage to Each Otherblackpink forever youngblackpink dissing each otherblackpink ignoring roseblackpink ignoring lisajennie crying running manjennie blackpinkishideukieblackpink being savage to each otherblackpink being savageblackpink being savage to lisajennie blackpink being savageblackpink rose being savagelisa blackpink being savageblackpink jisoo being savageblackpink jennie being savagejendeukieblackpink savagejichu